Phyllis Campbell | Chairman, Pacific Northwest, JPMorgan Chase

“The Seattle Times offers the local lens even on the national news that gives it context for how it relates to the Pacific Northwest.

I do think The Seattle Times has that aspect — of being the hometown, family-owned newspaper — that real sense of responsibility. That it’s their obligation as a newspaper to work hand-in-hand with other businesses to create that sense of community.

Why a hometown, local, regional newspaper is important is because it engenders that sense of community. It’s not just the local reporting; it’s the reinforcement of the importance of it and the issues and people that really create that sense of community. I think the Seattle Times is the only newspaper out there that can do that. So I hope you pick that up.”

Sherman Alexie | Writer

“With our specific kind of advocacy, where we work a lot with the poor and homeless — the weaker among us — it’s important that Diane and I look for the local newspaper to give us information about these kinds of communities.

I know when I look at the local news in The Seattle Times, I know that the people reading it with me are the widest possible, really diverse set of people, and it’s an older set of people.”

Ciscoe Morris | Gardener, Media Personality

“I love reading Pacific Northwest magazine on Sunday because I think it’s one of the best gardening publications out there, and my good friend Val Easton who writes for the magazine is such a great writer. I think she is the best garden writer I know, so I make sure I never miss her column, no matter what.”

Sam Smith | President Emeritus, Washington State University

“I found I could get the best understanding of Seattle, the best understanding of the largest amount of people by reading The Seattle Times. Also, I found out, since I’m an advocate for higher education and the arts, The Seattle Times has been the most consistent voice for higher education and the arts the whole time I’ve been in the state, and I’ve been here 25 years.

I want local, useful information from people with a history in the community that can help me accomplish what I want to accomplish.”


Alison Carl White | Executive Director, NPower Seattle

“Now that I’m running NPower, the technology section, the business section has become critically important as I expand my knowledge of the tech community here. I really appreciate the tech blogs and the Microsoft blog and how helpful that is to help get me into this technology world.”

Brad Smith | Senior Vice President and General Counsel, Microsoft

“It’s so important to stay in touch with what’s happening in our own community, and there is no substitute for the local newspaper for doing that. Part of it comes down to having a first-rate group of journalists in the newsroom and people who are able on the editorial page to devote real thought and length to what they are addressing. In contrast to TV or radio, you just get more content and more column inches, as it turns out, from the local newspaper.

Locally owned news reporting is a fundamental part of the community. It helps knit the community together by keeping us all connected with each other. It provides an honest voice on what each of us is doing. It enables us to understand what others are doing. It gives us the opportunity when we’re in a business that is making news to provide our point of view and, hopefully, have it told in a fair and objective way. It’s readily apparent why the press has always been considered the Fourth Estate even here in Washington state and the Seattle area. All the other estates depend on it at the end of the day.

I think in an era of technological change, people are quick to focus on the way technology is changing the reporting of the news or the form in which it’s consumed — even to some degree the business model that underlies media organizations. But even amidst so much change, we shouldn’t lose sight of the critical continuity and importance that comes with high-quality, objective, local journalistic reporting. It has been part of this country since the country was founded and it’s just impossible to imagine a healthy community without it.”

Elena Borodina | Circus Performer, Teatro ZinZanni

“I like the Northwest Arts and Life section and the local news section. It’s important to me to know what is going on around Seattle.

World and local news is most important to me. The combination of both is important. I like to know what’s going on in the community where I live and also in the world because I travel a lot and perform in many different countries.

A local owner like The Seattle Times has an important investment in delivering accurate local news. As the world gets smaller in the sense that information is moving faster and faster all the time, accuracy in local news reporting is even more critical.”