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The Seattle Times presents a variety of opinions each day on pages that are labeled "Editorials" or "Northwest Voices." One way to consider these pages is to think of the two facing opinion pages as divided into three parts.

Our Opinions

Under The Seattle Times title and "masthead" showing the principal editors and executives are the daily opinions of the newspaper. Staff writers write these unsigned editorials. These editorials reflect the beliefs and opinions of the writers representing the ownership — and the institutional voice — of the newspaper.

Their Opinions

In the middle section of the two facing pages are columns and essays of opinion by signed authors whose names and affiliations are shown. The writers may be syndicated columnists whose work is purchased. Several times a week, an "op-ed" article by a guest writer is selected. (Opposite the editorial page in both location and viewpoint.) These are usually local authors, sometimes elected officeholders, sometimes academics or specialists who write about local, topical issues. Their opinions, as well as the opinions of the columnists, are their own and not necessarily the opinion of the newspaper.

Your Opinions

Letters from readers are among the most-valued opinions presented in the newspaper. They are comments from readers about the wide range of topics offered daily on the news and editorial pages of The Seattle Times. Below the letters, contact information for the editorial writing staff appears daily.

Editorial & Opinion

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